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Personal Profile

Life has always been family, friends, food, and a quest for fun.

In 2012 Bhavana came into life to occupy the unknown void and made me a family-man. The son, Aksh, completed this family man by making him a proud father in 2014.

The quest for fun continues without interruptions. There are tight turns and steep slopes through the ride, yet, it is joyful. I thank my family and friends for everything. 

Balancing time between work hours, family time, social hours, and me-time is sometimes a critical juggling, but that has its own fun element.

Talking about filming and arts, in partnership with my talented and superactive friend Ashish Lotangane, I have proudly ideated, produced, and presented short films, web series, and other videos with writing and acting under Dreaming Duo's (DD) banner. DD has its own YouTube channel and Facebook page. DD keeps me connected with audiovisual arts and keeps the poet/writer within me alive. I am certainly passionate about words, lyrics, and stories. (Please visit my Marathi Poems page on this website.) 

I also help my six-year-old produce videos and manage his YouTube Channel, Aksh's World, and the affiliated Facebook page.

Apart from being a producer of arts, I am a proud audience. I try my best to spare time, every week or so, to watch creatives by others.

As said earlier, I love food. And, I also love experimenting in the kitchen with or without my wife helping me. In the food gallery section, I'm trying to pull snaps of a few dishes I prepared.

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