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Professional Profile

I'm a proud lean-agile practitioner, coach, and blogger.

A common question I've been asked by recruiters is 'What is a civil-engineer-by-qualification doing in the IT industry'? Hiring managers often ask me, 'How did a Business Intelligence developer become a Servant Leader?' My honest answer to both questions is, 'I have an agile mindset.' I have adopted practices that added value in the contexts I was in. As an engineer at heart, I've found this learning to be valuable in all phases of life.

I enjoy my servant leadership and coaching role because it's based on human relationships and focuses on relentless improvement. In the past, I've enjoyed every aspect of software engineering to deliver BI solutions using several reporting, ETL, and Dashboarding tools. With over 18 years of experience in various domains and more than a decade of agile experience, I facilitate, mentor, coach, and support teams and individuals. I've learned from less-than-ideal agile practices and now understand and implement good agile at the places I work. I count multiple agile transformations and successful SAFe implementations as my achievements. I love building cross-functional autonomous teams with the right practices from Scrum, Kanban, and XP. During the 2020 pandemic, I prioritized empathy and emotional support when my team needed it the most. I'm proud to have been the catalyst for my team's success during this challenging time.

Throughout my professional career, I've worked in multiple domains as a consultant and full-time employee, and I've had the fortune to work with market leaders in their respective domains. I hold certifications that demonstrate my experience and learning in agile practices.

I share my experiences and insights in the form of a blog on the LEAP IT UP blog space.

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